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Virat Kohli stripped of captaincy after government discovered he doesn't have an Aadhar card

27, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Dharamsala: Suffering from a shoulder injury that made him miss the 4th test, things have turned worse for Virat Kohli after he was stripped of the Indian captaincy in all formats. BCCI has taken this step after getting instructions from government of India. As per sources, Kohli’s failure to enroll for Aadhar card has led to this decision by the government.

Hey Bhagwaan, What is Aadhar?
Hey Bhagwaan, What is Aadhar?

Aadhar enrollment, a totally voluntary exercise, has been made mandatory for more and more services by the government and now they have made Aadhar mandatory for captaining India in cricket as well. While Virat was busy checking for the nearest Aadhar enrollment centers, BCCI has already started checking Aadhars of other players to elect a suitable captain for the team.

Dismissing the idea that government is needlessly shoving Aadhar down the throat of sportsmen now, a government official speaking on the condition of anonymity said ,”Nobody has made Aadhar mandatory here. All we are saying is that you won’t be allowed to captain India if you don’t have an Aadhar card. That is what we conveyed to BCCI and we told them that Income Tax department is coming for BCCI if our suggestion isn’t enforced. After that, it was up to BCCI to take action and they did, we had no role to play in this. Aadhar is still a totally voluntary exercise and if you don’t want to enroll, you are free to do so.”

Meanwhile, for a change, Supreme Court has refused to entertain cricketing matters. Supreme Court has said that Aadhar card should not be mandatory for social benefits schemes, and as Indian cricket is not a social benefit, government is free to enforce Aadhar.

As per sources, the next step in Aadhar enforcement is to allow only Aadhar holders to attend IPL after parties.