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Virat Kohli thanks Murali Vijay for promoting Anushka’s film ‘Zero’

16, Dec 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Perth, Australia: The promotions for Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif starrer Zero are in full swing and cricketer Murali Vijay has joined the cast in promoting the film. During the ongoing Test match in Perth, Murali Vijay scored a brilliant zero earning the praise of his captain, Virat Kohli. vijay-s_647_080415075202

Speaking to the press after the second day’s play, the Indian captain said, ”I and Anushka were talking about ways to promote her film last night and it is good of Vijay to contribute. Instead of scoring 2 runs, like he usually does, he scored zero to help promote the film so we are really thankful. Even Shahrukh couldn’t think of such an innovative way to promote the film so hats off to Vijay.”

When asked if this zero means Murali Vijay will continue to get more chances, Kohli said, ”We have never selected Vijay for his runs, as our selection record and his batting record over the past year or so shows. So it wouldn’t have mattered even if he had scored 1 instead of 0, we still wouldn’t have dropped him. I am just personally appreciating his gesture, professionally I am satisfied as well as zero is the best I expect from my openers.”

Meanwhile, after watching Rahul and Vijay, Karun Nair has said that he has finally figured out why he was dropped and has sworn an oath that he will never score runs again.