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Virat Kohli to motivate Marketing and Sales Executives to reach their targets on time

08, May 2016 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru: After single-handedly beating Rising Pune Supergiants  in a must win game of the IPL, Virat Kohli is all set to motivate the sales force of Indian companies. Virat has been approached by several companies to teach their sales executives the art of reaching a target.

Chaser Number 1

Beating the odds in each match, Kohli has attained expertise in how to chase mammoth targets just like how airtel’s mobile network is chased before making an urgent call.

Praising Kohli’s ability to chase targets gracefully, Mr. Zabardsti MaalBechkar (Marketing Head of a Telemarketing company which has a record of making 1000 spam calls a day) said, “We have asked Kohli to teach our employees how to chase customers and sell them products even though when it is not required by them. Be it insurance policy, credit card or personal loan, whenever an employee calls to prospective customer, he is greeted by foul words. Kohli will not only teach them about how to successfully sell the product but also he will teach him how to give befitting reply to those swear words.”

“Initially we thought of having Kohli in our company as the Chief Tele-caller Officer (CTO), but welcoming customer using BC or MC didn’t sound well and hence we dropped the idea just like RCB dropped catches”, said Mr. MaalBechkar while dialing a number to sell products to complete his own targets.

“We hope that Kohli not only gives them the aggression that is required to achieve targets, but also teach them how to eliminate competitors from the market like he virtually eliminaited RPS from the league yesterday “, added Maalbechkar.

Meanwhile, HR manager of a leading IT company has asked Irrfan Pathan to teach their engineers how to spend time productively while sitting on the bench.