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Waqar Younis returns to coach Pakistan, says it is easier than listening to Sidhu

11, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: In a setback to IPL broadcasters, legendary Pakistan fast bowler Waqar Younis has resigned from his job as cricket expert on Extraaaaaaaa Innings and returned to Pakistan. Waqar will resume his job as the coach of Pakistan cricket team after landing in Lahore later today.

Waqar Younis
Waqar waiting for his chance to speak

The decision to quit, just 2 days into the IPL season, has left broadcasters surprised who were counting on Waqar Younis to be the cricketing expert for most of the season.

“I am returning to coach Pakistan. If I hear one more sher from Navjot Singh Sidhu, I will lose my mind. My ears bleed so much every evening after listening to him that I need 2 pints of blood every night to stabilize my health. I will return the money IPL paid me but I can’t risk my life like this”, Waqar Younis said.

Furthermore, he added, “I thought listening to Umar Akmal complaining about his batting position or Shahid Afridi talking about his retirements was bad but that is so much better when compared to listening to Navjot Sidhu non-stop. I wasn’t taught theory of relativity in school but thanks to Mr. Sidhu, I have finally learnt the concept. Coaching Pakistan is relatively a cakewalk when compared to sitting with Sidhu in the studio.”

This decision has left the broadcasters searching for an alternative who can partner Sidhu on Extraaaaaaa Innings. “There is very little time to arrange a replacement for tonight so we are thinking about placing a cardboard cutout of Waqar Younis till we manage to sign someone else. He never got to say anything with Sidhu alongside him so hopefully viewers won’t notice that there is something different”, an executive producer of the show told Faking News.

When we asked Navjot Sidhu for his reaction to this development, he said, “Jo bhara nahi hai bhaavon se, Bahti jis mein rasdhar nahi, Extraaa Innings to aise hi chalega, chahe usme ab Waqar nahi. Thoko.. Thoko… Thoko..