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We wanted Indians to burst crackers, we are big-hearted like Afridi, says South African captain

22, Feb 2015 By idiot420

Melbourne. Talking about the loss against India in the much awaited World Cup match, South African skipper AB de Villiers has revealed that it was a well planned surprise for 1.2 billion Indians.

De Villiers disclosed that he came across Mauka-Mauka ad just a couple of days before and his heart cried after watching it.

Finally, mauka aa hi gaya

“The look on face of that Indian boy brought tears into my eyes,” said AB de Villiers adding that he immediately called a team meeting, where they planned this big surprise for billion Indians, “We had two options, either to make 1.2 billion (1200 million) people happy or to make 235 million people happy, this figure includes Pakistani population.”

Following their hearts, South African team chose to go ahead with the decision which would bring happiness to maximum number of people.

Adding further De Villiers said that South Africans were also big hearted people, just like Afridi.

“After Pakistan lost the chance to burst crackers and match against India, I had a chat with Afridi. He secretly confessed to me that he did a similar calculation based on the number of people he ultimately would be making happy and that’s why he didn’t play that well in the match,” De Villiers continued.

As per South African captain revelations, Afridi do such kind of charity work in his personal capacity to fulfill the demands of his XXL sized heart.

“Finally, what matters is we brought smiles and opportunity to burst crackers to such a huge number of people,” a sentimental De Villiers concluded, “And please, don’t call us chokers. It hurts. We are not chokers, we are a bunch of large hearted people.”

Meanwhile, Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has thanked De Villiers and Afridi for the sacrifices they made and hoped for similar kind gesture from other teams too.