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West Indies offer to play another test in Delhi to give farewell to Ishant Sharma

16, Nov 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai. West Indies cricket team, currently in India for the farewell series of Sachin Tendulkar has offered to extend their tour by one test match. They have proposed another test match in Delhi if BCCI wants to organize a grand farewell for the legendary fast bowler Ishant Sharma.

Ishant Shamra requesting cricket fans to bear with him 'one' last time.
Ishant Shamra requesting cricket fans to bear with him ‘one’ last time.

West Indies has already lost the two test series organized to mark Sachin’s farewell to cricket 2-0, losing both the matches within 3 days.

Making the suggestion at a press conference after the second test match, West Indian skipper Darren Sammy said, “We came here to play 10 days of test cricket and haven’t even managed 6 days in total. We want to keep our end of the bargain and play another test to make up for 4 and half days. Since the theme of the tour is farewell, BCCI can make it an Ishant Sharma farewell match.”

When asked why they proposed Ishant’s name, Sammy said, “Well, ever since we landed here, we heard more people talking about Ishant’s retirement than Sachin’s so he was an easy pick. Several people mentioned that he should have retired at his peak after ‘THAT’ spell against Ricky Ponting and has dragged his career after that. He is my team mate from IPL and I can help him go out on a high.”

When we asked whether they will be able to last 4 and a half days in the next test, Sammy replied confidently, “Oh definitely. After all, Ishant will be playing this one. Our batsmen will surely be able to last a bit longer and score a few more runs.”

Meanwhile, when we asked Dhoni’s reaction to this proposal, he said “I don’t think the dressing room can cope up with losing two legends in successive test matches.”