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Who will do Bhangra in case we win a series: Shastri defends Dhawan’s place in side

12, Sep 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

London: Indian Coach and cheerleader Ravi Shastri has hit out at critics questioning opener Shikhar Dhawan’s place in the Indian side. Dhawan had an average series in England averaging just above 20 failing to cross 50 in any of his innings. However, it looks like the Indian management is still firmly behind the Bhangra dancer batsman.


Speaking to the media at the end of the series which India lost 1-4, Shastri said,” It is the job of the media to focus on the negatives because you all are negative people. However, I am a very positive person and I will focus only on the positives. You can look at his string of low scores while playing away from India but I can appreciate his superb Bhangra skills which cheer up the entire squad.”

“As a coach, my job is to see what each player brings to the squad and then provide him the right environment to enhance that. Shikhar brings Bhangra and it is my job to make sure he can improve his dance and perform it as well as he can. At the end of the day, performance matters and his performance in his field of expertise has been exceptional”, Shastri added.

Further, he went on to say,” You all want us to drop Shikhar but tell me one thing, if by mistake we win in Australia, then who will dance during the victory celebrations? As part of the team management, it is my job to make sure we have players for every situation and Dhawan is the player for these celebrations, if and when they come.”

When asked if this means Dhawan’s place is secure for the Australian tour, Shastri said,” Oh no, not at all, we encourage competition for places and if some youngster comes up with better moves, we can always look to promote him.”

We tried to get Shikhar Dhawan’s reaction to Ravi Shastri’s statement but he couldn’t hear us over the sound of Bhangra beats playing in his hotel room.