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Will leave India if Srinivasan wins BCCI elections: Sreesanth

21, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Kochi. The threat to leave India if someone wins elections has now gone to the domain of Cricket. After a couple of writers threatened to leave India if Narendra Modi won the next general elections, cricketer Sreesanth has threatened to leave the country if N Srinivasan wins the next BCCI elections and is re-elected as its President.

“Srini doesn’t represent the idea of BCCI, which is all about honestly, teamwork, and charity,” Sreesanth claimed in a press conference called earlier today.

“He is also a deeply polarizing figure,” Sree added, “Take up any media report on him and all you read is that this guy is pro-Srini and that guy is anti-Srini. There is no middle ground. What a divisive figure!”

Sreesanth wearing an anti-corruption hat

“If such a person wins the BCCI elections again, I will not feel comfortable residing in a country that is represented by him at international levels,” declared the former pacer, who has been banned for life by the BCCI for spot-fixing in IPL.

The outburst by Sreesanth has taken everybody by surprise as earlier media reports had suggested that he could issue statements against Narendra Modi to get his life ban revoked.

“I think he realized that becoming anti-Modi may not help his cause much,” Darsh Chowgle, a cricket expert claimed, “Sree is hugely popular among people in Kerala, Middle East, and one person in London, who is a Kerala origin comic writer employed with a financial journal.”

“Now, BJP is no force in Kerala or Middle East or even in that one house in London, so Sree’s opposition to Modi will be no game-changer in these regions. Congress will not be impressed. That’s why he dropped the idea of opposing Modi and getting favors from the ruling coalition,” Darsh explained why Sree had turned anti-Srini.

The expert claimed that if Sreesanth’s logic of N Srinivasan and Narendra Modi being similar was sound, being anti-Srini could automatically give certificates of honesty to Sree like being anti-Modi gives certificates of secularism to a person.

“And if he gets certificates of honestly, getting clean chit in the spot-fixing case will be a cakewalk,” the expert told Faking News.

The latest step by Sree seems to be working as many of his fans have hailed his conscience and have asked the government to award him with at least a Padma Bhushan, besides revoking the life ban imposed on him.

The first one to support Sree publicly was Lalit Modi, the former IPL chief now exiled in London, thus making the number of Sreesanth fans in London jump by 100%.

Meanwhile in a separate incident, a technical writer working with an IT firm in Bangalore was hailed as a literary genius when he uttered something that was perceived as anti-Modi.