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Will play India in tournaments only if they play without a wicket-keeper : Bangladesh Board

19, Mar 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Dhaka: Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is threatening to boycott India during all the tournaments in future. BCB issued this threat after the final ball defeat at the hands of India in the final of Nidahas Trophy. Dinesh Karthik sealed the match with a last ball six and his innings of 29 from 8 balls took the game away from Bangladesh’s grasp. This is not the first time Bangladesh has suffered at the hands of an Indian wicket-keeper in a knockout game with Dhoni effecting a last ball run out to defeat them in World T20 last year. Now BCB has decided that enough is enough and they need to remove Indian wicket-keepers from the game.

Yet again Bangladesh heartbroken by a wicket-keeper

Speaking to the media, a BCB spokesperson said ,”Defeat is not a problem, we know that it is part of the game. However, what really hurts us is the way Indian wicket-keepers kill our hopes on the last ball of the match. Our entire nation goes into depression after such losses and it takes us weeks to recover as a nation. Now yesterday, they could have sent Karthik ahead of that Shankar fellow and won the game earlier but no, they wanted to hurt us emotionally. We can no longer tolerate it and if India wants to play us again in a tournament, they have to play without a wicket-keeper.”

When we asked how can a team play without a wicket-keeper, he said ,”Like Pakistan played over 250 international matches with Kamran Akmal in the team.”