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With 3 one-sided IPL matches in a row, fans demand fixing in matches to increase excitement

12, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: The biggest sporting extravaganza in India, IPL is underway again and so far, fans have been bitterly disappointed. All the matches played in this season till now have resulted in one-sided victories for the team batting second. This has given birth to suspicion that there may not be any match-fixing in IPL after all. IPL-2016

A large number of fans protested outside BCCI headquarters today against these one-sided matches and asked for some fixing to allow exciting last ball finishes. “We watch IPL for the fun and excitement it brings during the games and the heated discussions online after the game on whether the match was fixed or not. This year, one side is outplaying the other so comprehensively that there is zero excitement during the match and no chance of any online discussion. There are no last over finishes even, forget super overs and all”, said a disappointed fan Ravi Verma.

“Every time a side choked during the last over, we used to spend hours online arguing whether the match is fixed or not. Once I argued for 12 hrs straight in the comments section of an Arijit Singh song on YouTube over fixing in IPL but this year there is no such argument. Anyone can see that there is no fixing involved and one side is overwhelmingly better than the other in all the matches. Is this how we will popularize cricket among the kids?” asked another fan, Pankaj Singh.

When we asked whether fans won’t feel cheated with fixed matches, Ravi said, “What cheating? We won’t know which games are fixed; this will only increase the excitement level. When we are fine with fixed WWE where a person of my grandfather’s age Undertaker beats up opponents easily then why will we have a problem with this? IPL runs on 3 things, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment and fixing is entertainment.”

BCCI is yet to respond to this demand but a senior official told Faking News on the condition of anonymity that Cricket is struggling to attract new fixers as most fixers prefer politics or journalism these days.

Meanwhile, PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan said, “How can there be match fixing when our boys aren’t allowed? This string of boring matches is a punishment for refusing to pick our players.”