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With crackers reaching their expiry date, the famous Pakistani fan decides to celebrate victory of any team in World Cup

23, Feb 2015 By sunnyyy

Karachi. After dismal performance of Pakistan against India and West Indies in the ongoing Cricket World Cup, the famous Pakistani fan has decided to burst his humongous pile of crackers accumulating since his teenage years, for any team winning in the World Cup.

No more disappointment.
No more disappointment.

“It was a very tough decision to take but you have to be practical in life and I cannot let my son go through the same harrowing experience which I have gone through and moreover I closed my Fixed Deposit account to buy the crackers and I am paying penalty interest rate on it. The expiry date of  crackers is 2018, a year before the next World Cup. I along with my son have taken this decision unanimously to celebrate for any team and burst our crackers,” the fan told the Faking News as he checked his 5000 cracker garland.

He further revealed, “The TV sets which remained in our colony after India Vs Pakistan match were destroyed completely after match against West Indies. I have no idea how I am going to watch the rest of the World Cup.”

When our reporter contacted the “Back in Business TV Sales” showroom owner he said, “It is like a new dawn, Pakistani team performing bad in the World Cup has brought very “achhe din” you know what I mean, for us. We are importing thousands of television sets from China every day, rather it has brought “achhe din” for China as well. Are you listening Modi Ji.”

According to our sources, the Pakistan Pataka Association has come up with following notice:

It is to inform all the retailers and wholesalers that once you sell any cracker, you cannot take it back no matter what happens because our crackers are 100% effective unlike our team. We are already being sued by thousands of people but our time is coming, we have requested the Pakistan Cricket Board to organize a triangular series with Bermuda and Hong Kong after the World Cup.