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With focus on DDCA, other cricket associations upset that nobody is talking about their corruption

30, Dec 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: DDCA was once again in news today and this continuous attention on DDCA is starting to make other cricket boards in the country very jealous. All state cricketing boards are starting to question why their corruption is getting ignored by the country unlike DDCA’s corruption. feroz-shah-kotla-1450528220-800

This demand came from other associations affiliated to BCCI after the latest press conference by Aam Aadmi Party alleging irregularities and corruption in DDCA during Arun Jaitley’s tenure. An emergency meeting was called by all the associations and they condemned the fact that everyone is ignoring their corruption.

“What is this nonsense yaar, every day DDCA corruption in the news? It is as if they are the only ones corrupt in the country. We have also given our best, why are we getting ignored here? Should we wait for a fight between our state government and central government for our efforts to get recognized?” fumed an administrator from Central India.

“This is always the problem with Delhi, wants all the attention for itself. New roads, Delhi. Best Metro, Delhi. National news, Delhi Delhi Delhi. That Feroz shah Kotla is hosting international cricket matches so frequently while our stadiums are booked only for marriage receptions and Arijit Singh concerts.”, the administrator added.

Another member present at the meeting also expressed his anger at the step-motherly treatment to their corruption. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, he said, “We don’t expect as much attention as Delhi but at least a little focus on our scams too. Delhi waale kya dollars me paise kha rahe hain kya that their corruption is corruption and our corruption is Fardeen Khan that everyone will ignore us.”

“They alleged that in DDCA they ask for sex in return while selecting and call it a scandal. What is scandalous in that? At least they guarantee selection. Come to our associations and we will show you the real scandals,” he went on to add.

Only one member present there didn’t seem too upset about it. When we asked him why, he replied, “I am from North-East. I am used to getting ignored.”