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Women’s tennis viewership in India expected to drop by 90% after Sharapova’s ban

13, Jun 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: A recent survey conducted among Tennis fans in India has suggested that the viewership for women’s tennis is set to see a dramatic drop after the ban on Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova has been banned for 2 years for the use of banned substance Meldonium.

Maria Sharapova
For the next 2 years, We will only see her in Ads now

The survey was carried out by a research agency after sports channels wanted to check the impact of Sharapova’s ban on the TRPs. Speaking to some of the tennis fans across the country; Faking News got a lot of angry reactions.  “This is a complete disaster! I don’t know why there is so much fuss about banning things over drugs; first there was Udta Punjab and now this. They could have easily censored Sharapova like they are now doing with Udta Punjab. There are so many things banned in my company like getting a good night’s sleep or having a stress free work environment but some of us still manage”, said Ankit, a 24 yrs old from Delhi.

“What is left to watch? Serena’s strolling to a title? We have already seen that multiple times. With Sharapova playing, dil laga rehta tha. Now that has been taken away from us. When Meldonium was legal for all these years, why don’t they make it legal for few more years? Once Sharapova retires, they can ban it again”, another Tennis fan, Gautam said speaking to Faking News.

We later connected the chief executive of a sports channel for his reaction to this development, he said, “Everyone by default knows and supports Sharapova, like they do with Manchester United in football. With the ban on her, most of our advertisers have fled the scene. The rest 10% must be really true tennis fans but unfortunately, we won’t be able to serve them if the viewership remains so low.”

Though its not all doom and gloom for sports channels. Many people with sensitive ears are likely to return to women’s tennis after knowing that Sharapova’s shrieks will not be piercing their ears now.