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“Yes, with only 40% terrorists from Pakistan, we have to do something for rest 60%” UN replies to Afridi

06, Apr 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Shahid Afridi’s tweet is still getting reaction from prominent cricketers, past and present from India. First it was Gautam Gambhir, then Suresh Raina, Kaif, Kohli, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar and now Shikhar Dhawan. Afridi tagged @UN in his controversial tweet which Gambhir mistakenly thought as Under Nineteen is the official twitter handle of United Nation which has replied to Shahid Afridi.

“Mr. Afridi, you are right. As per the latest terror list we have compiled, only 40% of them are Pakistan citizens. We have to act on rest 60 percent of the terrorists who are causing so much bloodshed in the world,” quoting from the letter United Nations sent to Shahid Afridi.

United Nations though appreciated Afridi’s feedback, it is worried how he came to know about the terror list which was published a day later. It has setup an internal committee to probe if there are any data getting leaked.

“We never posted anything like that on Facebook or any other social media forum to avoid data leaks. How he got it? If anyone from here is involved, we will take serious action”, said the United Nations spokesperson.

In the meantime, Afridi has tagged Gambhir while sharing the UN’s ‘appreciation’ letter.  

“No one should call me under nineteen anymore, I have grown now. I was under nineteen till 2009, I had to increase my age as one of my kid’s age was coming close to my age. People also started questioning looking at my age, are these your kids?” said Afridi while having a chat with reporters.