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After Yogeshwar Dutt’s medal upgrade after 4 yrs, Bangladesh hopeful that “The No Ball” will be cancelled during 2019 World Cup

30, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Dhaka: As Indian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt’s London Olympics Bronze medal got upgraded to Silver after 4 yrs, neighboring Bangladesh has started looking forward to 2019 Cricket World Cup with renewed hope. Bangaldesh cricket fans are hoping that during 2019 World Cup, ICC will finally admit that Rohit Sharma was out and THAT was not a no ball.

Rohit Sharma
Was it a no ball?

During India-Bangladesh World Cup Quarter Finals, Rohit Sharma skied a catch off a Rubel Hossain full toss but umpires Aleem Dar and Ian Gould called it a no ball. Every Bangladeshi insisted that it was not a no ball but the umpires didn’t budge. Large scale protests by Bangladeshi public also failed to get them the desired result. However, they are now hopeful that the no ball will be removed from the record in 2019 and Bangladesh will be declared a semifinalist of 2015 World Cup.

“We were starting to think that nothing will happen now. So much time has passed, who changes decision after that much time. However, today morning we heard that an Indian wrestler got his London Olympics medal upgraded after 4 years. This announcement from IOC has given us hope that ICC may also change decisions retrospectively. Anyone can tell you that it was not a no ball, video evidence is available but umpires didn’t see it so they were obviously on drugs. ICC must conduct a dope test of those umpires and change their decision. Now it is just a matter of ICC making the right decision and promoting us to losing semifinalists”, a Bangladesh Cricket Board official told Faking News.

“In Sports, we must learn from each other. It is now ICC’s duty to learn from IOC and recognize the fact that it is never too late to do the right thing. Declare the no ball null and void during the next World Cup and provide some closure to us”, the BCB official added.

When we asked an ICC official about any such possibility, he said,”What? They are still talking about it? IOC changed the decision because the other guy was on drugs. Here, it looks like they themselves are on drugs. Maybe we can demote them from losing Quarterfinalists to group stage exit.”