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Yograj Singh accesses Dhoni’s school mark sheet, shows to the media to prove Yuvraj was a better student

20, Apr 2015 By dasu

Chandigarh. Yograj Singh never felt there was a need to show the proofs to the media to justify Yuvraj was better than Dhoni in everything, be it cricketing or non-cricketing stuff like singing, dancing and acting which is in his blood. Still there were few skeptical media personnels who could not imagine one can be so good in everything he does unless he happens to be Arnab Goswami, who is number one from day one.

Yograj Singh started hearing murmurs that if Yuvi was so good in everything, he must not have had a great academic career. Yograj singh was not too excited to check Dhoni’s academic record as he knew Dhoni did his schooling when Jharkhand was not separated from Bihar and moreover Laluji was ruling Bihar.

Accidentally through Wikipedia, one day he came to know that Dhoni has passed through CBSE curriculum from DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Ranchi. As his son Yuvraj was from DAV Public school Chandigarh, checking the mark sheet of both would have given a fair idea who was better. This he wanted to do, to settle once for all who was a better student.

“Dhoni was pen less during exams”

Yograj Singh was right, Yuvi was way better than Dhoni in all subjects except physics. It seems Dhoni was good at solving parabolic equations, aerodynamic problems from his childhood which is helping him to play helicopter shots. Another key observation he noticed, Dhoni usually did not do well when there was long paper to “test” the knowledge, but for “short” questions, multiple choice questions he was good.

Yograj also got a chance to meet few teachers from Dhoni’s time. They revealed that Dhoni would take one and half hours to fill first three pages, but in last 30 minutes he would ask for 30 additional papers because of which his handwriting would be ugly towards end. Dhoni was never able to complete his exam papers however easy they might be till last bell rang and teachers tried to snatch his papers.

Another strange finding about Dhoni was, he rarely changed the accessories he used to carry with himself during exam time. Once he believed certain things worked for him, he never changed even if that means low scores for him. This is something Dhoni’s parents or teachers did not like about him.

Yograj summarized to our Faking News reporter, “See, Yuvi had some difficulty while spinning the compass at the beginning of the exam, but once he was set he could do anything, handle questions which needed “fast” response, could “spin” the compass to draw beautiful diagrams. Only concern for me was he did not get a stable seat position, teachers kept changing his seat position to challenge him. Especially when he sat in the “opening” row teachers would put him under pressure due to which sometimes he failed to do well especially for long “test” questions”.

Yograj concluded by saying, “Academically you cannot compare Dhoni and my son. Because of his poor scores, Dhoni is working for a cement company where as my son in spite of his frequent poor scores in IPL, earns the maximum, thanks to his excellence over everything.”