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Yograj singh challenges Dhoni for a boxing match, says has been practicing for this match all his life

07, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Chandigarh: In an interesting turn of events Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father, Yograj Singh, has challenged Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni to fight a friendly boxing match with him, to sort out Yograj’s one-sided differences with Dhoni. He has also said that he has been practicing for this boxing match all his life, even before Dhoni, Yuvi and Kohli etc. were born.

“Pel dunga saale ko”

Talking to reporters at his house, Yograj Singh said, “Since I was a small kid, I had believed that when I will grow old, I will challenge a person younger than me for boxing and defeat him in the ring. That has been my childhood dream, my utmost passion. I have been searching for that contender over the years and now I have found a suitable match in Dhoni. All the anger I have with Dhoni is ultimately tied to this childhood dream I have. I have been practicing for long hours, every-day, all my life. And now I think I am ready. I hereby openly challenge Dhoni for a boxing match with me at a location of his choice. He wants to meet me at a grass court or a clay court, I don’t care. Wherever he calls, I and my gloves will be present there to beat his ass to dust,“ Yograj said with determination.

When asked if at this age he would be a match for a much younger Dhoni, Yograj got quite angry. He said, “I am a film actor as well and I am very impressed by Sylvester Stallone. Ever since I have watched his Hollywood movie Rocky Balboa, I realized I may be old but I am no less stronger than Rocky was. Oye jad Sylvester prahji kar sakde ne taan main vi kar sakda vaan yaar. I can beat any youngster in the ring within the first 3 rounds. And one match is all it takes my friends. I have been known to show miracles in one match only. For example in the one test match which I have ever played for India, I played wonderfully. Although India lost that, but as usual cricket was a winner,” Yograj concluded, while being patted on the back by Ravi Shastri.

“Mark my words, Dhoni will beg for his life,” Yograj warned.

Meanwhile Ishant Sharma has volunteered to fight the match on Dhoni’s behalf.