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Yograj Singh: Team sent Yuvraj above Dhoni so that he gets out and Dhoni remains not out

06, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Yuvraj Singh has made a comeback to the India’s ODI after three years and set to be a part of the playing XI in the first game against England in Pune on January 15. Now he is making headlines again with his splendid show against Pakistan in the first match of the champions trophy. But Yograj is still not happy with the treatment given to UV. According to him Yuvraj was sent ahead of Dhoni so that he gets out and Dhoni remains not out.


After Yuvraj was recalled to the ODI side after three years, Yograj had stated that Yuvraj, as he (Yograj) had predicted two years ago, is back in the side as soon as Dhoni stepped down from the captaincy. But now Yograj is blaming the team management along with Captain Kohli of strategizing against Yuvraj. According to Yograj, the team dint send Dhoni above Yuvraj in the Pakistan game as Dhoni is out of form and would have been exposed by the Pak pacers.

Our Faking News reporter Sanil Jain spoke to Mr. Yograj Singh and he had this to say,” Let’s be honest, did I or did I not predict this two years back? If you go back to any of my interviews, I’ve clearly established that he doesn’t like Yuvraj and that there is internal politics within the team. He was brought to the team that’s fine, but I smell some conspiracy. Kohli was given a chance by Dhoni to become a world class player and he is now returning the favor. I challenge the Indian team to send Dhoni above Yuvraj and see how Dhoni badly fails to deliver. Dhoni wont survive for long with his current form.”

It is to be noted that this is the same Yograj Singh who had criticized Dhoni for not giving Yuvraj a chance to bat higher and now he is speaking the other way around. Well, lets see what the team management comes up for the next match against Sri Lanka on 8th June