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Yuvraj Singh applies in TCS after being on bench for 2 T20s

30, Jan 2016 By sameer mahawar

Melbourne: Gaining the requisite work experience to be a part of software giant Tara Competency Services, Yuvraj Singh is all set to join the company after warming the bench for two consecutive T20s against Australia.

I am joining TCS, you want to keep my bat?
I am joining TCS, you want to keep my bat?

Looking for an alternate career, Yuvraj was going through various job profiles on where he mentioned his previous job experience of ‘being on bench’ which directly redirected him to TCS job portal.

The HR of the company has considered his Resume and may take him on rolls once he is back after gaining some more experience from onsite benches.

Talking to the HR of the company in their late working hours of 4 to 6 pm, she said, “See our company always has underutilized manpower every year. Yuvi wanting to become a part of our organization will not only increase our brand value, but also he won’t be facing any troubles sitting on bench for good two years as he’s already handling it quite efficiently.”

Meanwhile, Yograj has compared Dhoni with an onsite Senior Manager who takes all the credit from client by solving all the issues by himself and overshadowing his juniors by not allowing them to perform.