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ZooZoo arrested for spot-fixing in IPL matches

23, May 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Almost every entity associated with IPL is coming under scanner for betting and spot-fixing in cricket matches. The latest victim is ZooZoo – the white humanoid character promoting Vodafone telecommunication services.

“This ZooZoo was seen in most IPL matches and we have recovered hundreds of mobile phones from him,” Delhi Police commissioner Neeraj Kumar informed, “He (ZooZoo) speaks in a weird way so we are having trouble questioning him, but we hope to get more leads from him.”

Vodafone Zoozoo
The arrested ZooZoo spent all the money he made through betting on shopping, police claims.

ZooZoo is the third weird character – after Sreesanth and Vindoo Dara Singh – who has been arrested in the latest scandal that has shaken the morale of the otherwise corruption-free nation.

“I am really shocked by all these allegations. What has happened to my nation!?” said a visibly shaken Indian citizen on an Indian news channel, “I hope all these criminals are arrested and we go back to the good old days when there was no corruption or scam, only politically motivated charges of corruption and scam.”

Determined to weed out the only form of undisputed corruption in India, Delhi police has asked for three weeks custody of the arrested ZooZoo for interrogation. However, Mumbai police has disputed Delhi police’s demands.

“ZooZoos were born in Mumbai, which is where most advertising ideas are born, so Delhi police has no jurisdiction over ZooZoo’s deeds. We must get his custody by tomorrow,” a Mumbai police official told Faking News.

Unconfirmed sources say that to settle scores and teach Mumbai police a lesson, Delhi police could arrest a Mumbai policeman for betting during IPL matches. Call records of a constable named Vinod Kambli are reportedly being studied.

Meanwhile Vodafone has refused to react over ZooZoo’s arrest. Sources say that the mobile services company doesn’t want to get into any controversial news again after the news reports about Arvind Kejriwal’s accusation of Kapil Sibal favoring Vodafone were lost amid news reports about IPL spot-fixing.