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3G spectrum auction closes, colors other than VIBGYOR sold

19, May 2010 By Wimwian

New Delhi. After a month long auctioning, the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) not only declared the process over, but also revealed the path-breaking technology that differentiated 3G over the 2G spectrum. The third generation spectrum would have many more colors than the seven traditionally acknowledged in the spectrum – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red – better represented by the acronym VIBGYOR. As a result, the government could earn 70,000 crore rupees, much higher than it had expected.

“No, it’s not the result of absence of any scam, but an outcome of our observation that led to this success.” Telecommunications Minister A Raja said, referring to the huge revenue realization and the technological breakthrough.

Spectrum ka Raja
A Raja thinking why he couldn’t solve the color riddle earlier, even though his party DMK had successfully offered color televisions to the voters

Talking exclusively to Faking News business reporter SK Wimwian, Mr. Raja went on to claim that this shall be one of UPA-II’s major contributions to many generations of aam aadmi’s.

Initially reluctant to divulge details to our reporter, Mr. Raja later opened up over tea and samosas, and let slip the fact that his Ministry had longed wondered over steps to graduate into 3G from 2G. However, the DOT’s think-tank had noticed that a few years back Hutch had changed its color from Orange to Pink, and its networks still continued to function normally.

This chance observation led the DOT to its intellectual breakthrough – namely, that all existing operators can be asked to select a shade other than VIBGYOR, thereby freeing up their original part of spectrum.

A senior DOT source speaking on the condition of anonymity also said that the issue over allocation of spectrum to the armed forces is being resolved in consultation with the Ministry of Defense. Apparently, the ministries were going to permanently allocate Black color to the defense forces, which was not only outside the normal VIBGYOR spectrum, but also very difficult for other countries to detect or intercept. A proposal to similarly allocate Grey to police and paramilitary forces would be discussed in due course, the source added.

DOT will soon release a press release listing the number of colors and respective operators.