With an additional $199 annual fee, customers can have Tim Cook personally assist them in clicking pictures with iPhone 11: Apple spokesperson

11, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

Going beyond product features, tech giant Apple this year has announced a few services at their annual event.

tim cook

What has got the attention of many is the service which will have Tim Cook personally clicking pictures for you.

Apple spokesperson today revealed that with an additional fee of $199, iPhone 11 max buyers can avail services of Tim Cook the photographer.

Apple is optimistic about the 3 camera set-up of its latest iPhone and wants customers to make the most of their latest offering.

“Apple has pushed technological boundaries with smartphone cameras. Now we want to push service boundaries. So we came up with the idea of having Tim personally clicking pictures. No other company can come close to what we offer to our customers. And all this comes at a nominal additional $199,” said the spokesperson.

Responding to criticism over Apple product and services being out of the reach of many, the spokesperson said, “We have discussed this at length before the launch of iPhone 11. For those customers who have already sold both their kidneys buying earlier iPhones, we are open to accepting other body parts.”

The company also announced that from here on the focus would be more on service. “In the next version of iPhone we will have Siri coming out of iPhone and doing all the household chores. All the user needs to do is rub the iPhone 3 times and Siri is at your command. Just like Aladdin’s lamp,” Tim Cook said while speaking to media persons.

This personalized Siri too would come at a fee thought. Apple declined to comment on the pricing.