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After 'Dislike' button, Facebook to introduce 'un-comment' option

16, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

California: After revealing plans to introduce Dislike button based on user feedback, social media giant Facebook is planning to introduce an ‘un-comment’ button, that will undo all comments that appear stupid in hindsight.

Mark Zuckerberg speaking about the features of 'un-comment' button
Mark Zuckerberg speaking about the features of ‘un-comment’ button

Speaking to Faking News a senior developer with Facebook said, “We receive lot of requests from around the world to introduce an ‘un-comment’ button that would not just delete the comment but also remove all digital traces. Many of our users have said that they have faced embarrassing situations due to their comment and would like to see a feature that would address this problem. This new ‘un-comment’ feature will probably take care of that.”

“There are also instances when one stupid comment creates a chain reaction of comments. We want to reduce the abuse and trolling on Facebook. So we are also looking at the possibility of giving users the options to provide excuses for their stupid comments. Some of the interesting ones like ‘it was my nephew’ and ‘my account was hacked’, have come from India,” he added.

The news of ‘un-comment’ button managed to draw a collective sigh of relief from a lot of FB users. Ashish Singhal, a media professional who is currently going through a rough patch in his marriage welcomed the idea.

He said, “Before I got married, I used to comment on each and every FB post of my wife. I was madly in love, so you can understand how stupid I must have been and it is reflected in my comments on her FB page. Now, after 3 years of languishing in this marriage, I realize how ridiculous my comments were. But, with un-comment button, I hope to repair the damage with just a click.”

Many IT employees were happy too. “Every friday evening I go for drinks to drown the frustration I have with my job and more specifically my boss. There are times when I vent it all out on his FB page, only to apologize to him on Monday morning. Hopefully this new feature will help me to at least come up with some excuse on Monday morning, said one employee working for a major IT company.

Meanwhile, politicians in India are pressurising Twitter to introduce a similar feature. “We make stupid comments all the time on twitter. I mean we have to be in the news and media will not even look at us if our comments don’t snowball into a cotroversy. But the same comments haunt us during elections. Just wondering how nice it would be if we get the freedom to make ridiculous tweets without having to worry about the repercussions,” said a politician as he rehearsed his lines for the news hour debate.