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After finding bats as source of Ebola virus, US panics and expels Batman from Gotham city

13, Oct 2014 By manithan

Gotham City: A sad news to the Gotham residents and to the world. We will not have Batman by our side to fight the vicious Ebola virus.

The world suddenly turned scary as soon as the Ebola came to America, along with the millions of people who go there for taking photos near the Statue of Liberty and later flaunt it to their relatives. And Gotham city is no exception.

According to confirmed reports from Gotham Gazette, the Mayor of Gotham City, Stevenson, had called in for an urgent meeting with the city council and police teams, to discuss on the possible outbreak of Ebola across America. It was then unanimously decided in that meeting that Batman will be expelled from Gotham city to prevent further outbreak of the Ebola virus.

On the contrary, Joker expresses his anguish over Batman becoming untouchable and why he cannot kill Batman.
On the contrary, Joker expresses his anguish over Batman becoming untouchable and why he cannot kill Batman.

In an interview to the Gazette, Stevenson said, “We have got confirmed reports from Africa that Ebola virus was transmitted to the humans via bats. Few Africans had touched or ate the Ebola infected bats and that transmitted this disease to human which is currently spreading across the world. Like how Batman came from some well to Gotham in two days without spending anything on travel, Ebola also came to America within two months without any expense. Ebola has its affinity to bats and thus Batman has got something to do with Ebola. We also suspect Batman to have brought Ebola, but that is just a conspiracy theory. We have expelled Batman from Gotham City and have declared him as persona non grata. We will quarantine and expel anybody who touches or communicates with Batman personally. I urge Gotham residents not to panic and I have requested Superman to finish off Batman to prevent further spreading of Ebola to other Americans.”

Tania, a local resident of Gotham, said, “I used to love Batman for his costume, his bike and the speed with which he killed the enemies of Gotham. But now, they are saying that touching bats will get you Ebola. Eeeks! It is good that he is expelled from Gotham. Also, his voice is a horrible to hear.”

John Nathan, a bank robber, felt very lonely and suddenly withdrawn from the society. He lamented, “I wanted to appear in the comic books and movies of Batman and for that thrill, I used to rob from banks. But now with Batman gone, my celebrity status has taken a hit.”

After Batman left Gotham, he is appeared to have felt a change of heart and initially decided to rush to India and join Aam Aadmi Party. But he was told of the competition here from the local Batman of AAP and he deliberately rejected that idea. There were rumors across social media that Batman had applied to Christopher Nolan to cast him as Batman and to reboot the Batman series.