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Android legs to help people walk safely on roads while checking their mobile phones

05, Feb 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. Google has announced Android powered legs for human beings who meet accidents while walking and checking their mobile phones simultaneously.

Realizing that it was becoming increasingly difficult for the human race to take off their eyes from the mobile screen, the tech giant decided to go for the next innovation – Android powered legs, also being positioned as “self-walking smartphones”.

These artificial legs will help human beings cross the road safely and reach their destinations while they focus on checking various updates on their mobile phones.

Android powered legs
Editor’s Note: this is not exactly an Android powered leg, but this is a good image that can be used with the news article. Please go ahead.

“Just like self-driving cars, which would adjust speed and directions to avoid collisions, these Android powered legs would help a man avoid being run over by vehicles as they cross the road while chatting or reading jokes on their smartphones,” a Google engineer explained how the ‘self-walking smartphones’ will function.

“Not only outdoors, the Android powered legs would be helpful to the human race indoor too. We’ve often seen people colliding into furniture and people at home and offices as they walk around with their eye fixed on the mobile screen and thumbs swiping left right up and down; not anymore!” the engineer added.

“We will integrate the legs with native applications like Gmail, Google Maps, Calendar, etc.” the engineer further explained, “You will reach your destination with your legs following directions from Google maps. There will also be features like your legs automatically start moving towards conference rooms in office after reading official emails about meetings, etc.”

“Android legs will be awesome,” he concluded.

With this latest innovation, Google is confident that the human race can fully concentrate on important tasks such as forwarding a whatsapp joke or abusing someone on Twitter, while the technology will take care of lesser aspects like safety and transport.

“Next we will try to develop Android powered hands so that a person doesn’t have to apply too much of an effort in swiping mobile screens or taking the phone out of the pocket. In fact, those hands will have in-built power banks so that the mobile phones never discharge and people can be online all the time,” a source in Google confirmed to Faking News.

Most of the smartphone users, especially Android fans and developers, have welcomed the move by Google, while iPhone users have claimed that they’d wait for iLegs – the innovation that will change their lives forever.