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Animals roaming on roads to be fitted with indicators that will predict their movements

07, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Researchers from IIT Mumbai have created an indicator on the lines of vehicle indicator, especially designed for animals roaming around on city roads and highways in the country.

Dr. Anil Gupta, the man behind this project “Horn Indicator”, first started working on the idea after losing one of his teeth in an accident. His speeding car hit a buffalo who suddenly took a left turn while he (Dr. Gupta) was going to office.

Not too happy.

“I said to myself, dude, enough is enough! If they can’t learn driving etiquette on their own, we need to do something. Just because they are animals, it doesn’t mean we will let them remain above rules and laws forever!” said an over excited Anil Gupta, explaining one of the reasons that compelled him to create something like this.

Anil Gupta is trying his best to persuade the government to introduce a law, making it mandatory for animals walking on roads to wear “Horn Indicator”.

The set of indicators is like a pair of animal horns with sensors attached, which will read animals mind and will automatically make the respective indicator glow.

“I know, I am being rude to animals by attempting to curb their freedom. I mean, who likes to wear a helmet or anything like that, but this has to be done. They have become part of daily traffic, so they should follow some rules too. If they can’t, we have to make them follow,” Anil Gupta further added, “Roads doesn’t belong to their fathers!”

The idea has been welcomed by many, with some veterinary psychologists claiming that making indicators mandatory for animals could help to keep them away from roads, because animals too were conscious about their looks.

Some victims of animals’ atrocities are further demanding introduction of punishment for animals who are found breaking rules.

“As money is irrelevant to them, may be some penalizing act like force feeding them something they don’t like to eat will create horror in their minds,” suggested a truck driver.

Meanwhile, car companies have contacted Dr. Anil Gupta to help them incorporate the technology of linking driver’s brain with indicator lights in their car models.

“People often complain about lack of sync between indicator signal and actual movement of a car when amateur drivers are driving. This technology could be very useful for them,” elaborated CEO an automobile giant.