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Apple to launch smart engagement ring in September

03, Sep 2016 By kida

San Francisco: Apple is all set to replace diamond rings for ever. According to internet rumors, Apple will soon launch a smart engagement ring which will be as shiny and overpriced as the diamond rings. And yes, they will call it (we haven’t made this up) iDo. Apple’s engagement will compete against diamond rings as both the products are targeted towards the same consumer base – people buying expensive and classy stuff to increase their social status.

Apple CEO giving a thumbs up to iDo
Apple CEO giving a thumbs up to iDo

Apart from being blindingly shiny, iDo will also be over-stuffed with technology – a key advantage iDo will have over the diamond rings. Since the ring finger has direct connection with the heart, iDo can read heart signals and do amazing things with the information. The most revolutionizing tech feature is Moral Messenger. This feature has to be enabled on rings of both partners and it will message immoral deeds one ring owner to the other ring owner, thus preventing sure-to-fail marriages. You can’t get away by taking off the ring as that sends a warning message to the other person.

Another cool feature is Temper Teller. With this feature, your ring can tell you about mood of your partner by changing colors. E.g. red means your partner is angry. This feature sure can help you plan the evening better. My favorite feature is Dream Date. iDo identifies the important dates, remembers them, and reminds you of the anniversaries a week in advance. The reminder signal is blinking LED light and its frequency increases as the important date comes closer. In pro mode, it can also give you tiny electric shocks if you keep ignoring the reminders.

Apple has started a full fledged advertising campaign, including this article, for iDo. The creative employees of Apples have come up with creative slogans – ‘One ring to rule him all the time’, ‘Future technology, for your future wife’, and ‘She has to say “I do” to iDo’. Celebrities are promoting this ring for Apple. Deepika and Ranveer flaunted their iDo rings in a press conference, also confirming that they are engaged. In India, first 500 customers of iDo will get bauji Alok Nath’s ashirwaad in person during the marriage.

Meanwhile, Samsung has announced a cheaper version of iDo just for singles. They say the ring can read your heartbeat, feelings, intelligence, financial status, etc. and connect you with a suitable partner.