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Apple shares tank after India introduces Freedom251, world's cheapest smartphone

17, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

California: Shares of Apple Inc. plummeted on NASDAQ after India introduced the world’s cheapest smartphone. The post morning trading session saw investors selling their stake in the tech giant fearing falling future revenues.

Tim Cook concerned about Apple's future
Tim Cook concerned about Apple’s future

Speaking to Faking News a Wall Street source said, “A quick sense of the global smartphone market will reveal that Apple’s days are numbered. We may well call Freedom 251 as the iPhone killer. I mean instead of spending a bomb on iPhone, customers can buy 365 Freedom 251 smartphones and use one each day.”

Apple factories in China are on the brink of closure and fears of a global meltdown are doing the rounds.

Meanwhile, Keh Ke lee, an iPhone fanboy from China who sold most of his body parts to buy iPhone thanked the Indian Govt. for saving him from trading whatever is left of his body for buying iPhones.