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Atheists outraged as new movie denies absence of God

22, May 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Pandora. Atheists living on the planet Anesidora are up in arms against a newly released movie The Holy Avatar that denies nonexistence of a creator God and proposes that the universe was created by some supernatural power. The movie has been produced by Na’vi people residing on Pandora, the natural satellite of Anesidora, in association with some human beings, better known as Sky People to the Na’vis.

The Holy Avatar
A promotional poster of the controversial movie

Residents of Anesidora have traditionally been atheists, strongly believing in the nonexistence of a creator God, and find any mention of God as offensive and sacrilegious to their age old beliefs and customs. In fact, it’s widely believed that Pandora residents were originally inhabitants of Anesidora, but migrated to the satellite after serious differences arose over mythical beliefs in a goddess called Eywa.

“We would not let The Holy Avatar get released and screened in Anesidora. The movie attacks the basic belief of our society and is highly offensive to our sentiments. It’s against our culture and should be banned immediately.” demanded Neyta, the leader of Anesidora Atheists Association (A3), a group of fundamentalist atheists.

The Holy Avatar is a story that proposes Eywa as a creator Goddess, who controls and determines everything that happens in the universe, including the daily events in an individual’s life. Neyta conceded that he has not seen the movie yet, but insisted that it must be banned for denying core atheistic principles.

But not everyone agrees with A3.

“We are a highly advanced society. Much developed that the Na’vi and their Sky People. We should respect freedom of speech and expression. We can’t ban something just because it’s deemed offensive and contrary to our beliefs. There should be some logical explanation.” said Man Jala, a liberal atheist and activist.

But A3 activists are rejecting the liberal view as being too naïve and claim that Sky People didn’t deserve any concessions on such matters.

“Freedom of expression has to respect our sentiments and beliefs. Will Sky People allow us to contradict their core beliefs? Never! They would term it as violation of their rights!” Neyta argued.

A3 has threatened to disrupt screenings of The Holy Avatar if it was released on Anesidora, even as the movie opened to a wonderful reception back on Earth last week.