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Backed by politicians, Laddoo, Chum-chum, Mysore-Pak, Peda, Kheer fight out for Android version name

18, Dec 2015 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi: A major controversy has erupted after Google CEO Sunder Pichai announced possibility of naming of the next Android version on an Indian sweet.

Sundar Pichai asking Indian sweets to calm down and take it easy
Sundar Pichai asking Indian sweets to calm down and take it easy

At Kolkata, big damage was reported to public property as TMC workers supported by Mamta Banerjee hit the streets immediately after the Pichai announcement demanding that the new Android version be named Chumchum.

“It has to be Peda, the Bihari sweet eaten by most including OBC and scheduled castes which constitute a large part of Indian population”, Lalu told reporters at Patna in his inimitable style, “Rabri bhi achcha choice hai“, he added with glee in his eyes for obvious reasons.

“Peda is acceptable to us but it has to be Mathura ka Peda and not Peda from Bihar or any other place” Krishna Murari announced from Mathura as he took out a procession of 50,000 supporters.

“No other name is acceptable under any circumstances. Varna Pichai ji dubaara Bharat nahin aa payenge, yaad rakkhein,” he sounded a threat to the Google chief.  

Congress parliamentarians with the support of SP and DMK hit the well of the house demanding that the name for the new Android version must be decided in consultation with all parties democratically.

Under pressure the NDA government has announced formation of a high powered all party standing committee to decide on the name within next 12 months.

“Laddoo is lord Ganesha’s favorite, Android version must be named either Laddoo or Modak,” Uddhav Thackeray insisted even as a bunch of Shiv Sainiks broke window glass panes of sweet shops selling Bengali and North Indian sweets in Maharashtra in reaction to rumors that the name being actively considered by Google was Rasgulla.

Elsewhere, across India, various groups have come out in support of Rasmalai, Adhirasam, Mysore- Pak, Sewaiyan, Gajrela, Payasam, Dhodha, Phirni and Kulfi. The representations have been violent at many places resulting in 108 injured so far according to official count.

R K Verma, Joint Secretary (IT) told reporters that his department has sought public opinion on their website to decide the name. Six shortlisted candidates will be put up to a group of Secretaries who will give their final recommendation to the honorable minister. The minister is a part of the high powered all party standing committee.

Google, taking cognizance of these developments has, in the meantime, decided that Android N shall be named as Android Tanghulu on the popular Chinese sweet dish.

“We shall name Android on an Indian sweet dish in our version to be released in 2018. Hopefully by then Indians shall have a consensus, non controversial name to offer,” said Pichai.