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Bangalore BPO cab driver invents car that can run just by blowing horns

06, Apr 2014 By Achu Pichu

Bangalore. An accidental discovery by a BPO cab driver in the city has led to a breakthrough invention of a car that can move using no fuel at all. Scientists and representatives of leading automobile firms from world over have descended onto the garden city once the news broke out.

The discovery has been made by Raju, a contract cab driver for a leading BPO firm in Bangalore, who has been driving cabs for over 6 years now in the city. Earlier this week when he was driving as usual, he realized that he used the horn so much that in the process he forgot to use the accelerator, and eureka, the vehicle still kept on moving!

The magical tool that can move a vehicle

“Not only had my own cab moved, the non-stop honking also moved the vehicles in front! This was sheer magic of noise power that I discovered,” Raju told Faking News how he hit gold.

Raju insists that the moment was no less thrilling than Newton discovering gravity when an apple fell on his head.

It’s not known how much time Newton took to come up with the theory of gravity, but Raju immediately realized that the noise power from the horn was sufficient to propel the vehicle, and also powerful enough to clear the way by pushing other vehicles.

Sounding very humble in spite of this stunning discovery, he said, “Accelerator, break, and clutch are completely useless accessories in cars. All we need is just a horn. Probably the car manufacturers should replace all the pedals with just a horn button. We cab drivers will be so much happier.”

Ever since he made his discovery public, Raju has been receiving unprecedented attention. Some of his colleagues felt very happy for the recognition Raju has been receiving.

“We cab drivers in Bangalore realized the power of the horn long back and have been pioneers in utilizing this to drive,” one of them claimed, “But still, Raju is a champion in this regard. He has shown us the way.”

One of the BPO staff who travels regularly in Raju’s cab to work said, “Raju is amazing. He can wake up our entire street with his horn irrespective of the hour of the day or night. We have never seen him use any other control in the vehicle.”

“He was single-mindedly obsessed with the horn only, and that has paid off!” She added, again feeling happy for Raju.

While scientists were seen blowing horns and conducting experiments, the CEO of a leading car manufacturer announced a reward for Raju. He wants to patent this technology for Indian markets.

“We will gain tremendous market share with this technology and we will do more research on this. This not only saves fuel but also brings the smiles on the faces of BPO drivers like Raju. That is a part of our corporate social responsibility as well,” he said.