Benched techie promoted to Project manager for never missing deadline of entering, exiting office dorm on time

27, Apr 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Anoop Sharma who completed half a decade on bench at Outfosys has been promoted to project manager on the bench for meeting his deadlines every single day.


According to Anil M, his manager, “My expectation from Anoop was to come to the office on time daily, find a way to engage yourself without disturbing other team members by talking about Modi, Rahul, Rafale and IPL”.

“Though he stayed in White Field, despite so much traffic hassles he was dot on time every single day, even on days Bharath Bandh or Karnataka Bandh was called.  His records I collected from Dormitory, office gym, sauna room and swimming pool, all shows he stuck to his deadlines. Updated his 45 hours per week in time sheet every week. What more can I expect from a team member? Thoroughly deserved the promotion”, told Anil while applauding Anoop’s performance in the team meeting.

Team members who slugged dead and night with Google to search code and taking long walks to suttawalah for relieving themselves are upset with Anil’s generosity. “For all the hard work I did, I got 2.5% hike only”, told Karunakaran.

Karunakaran told Anil if you can not send me to the US because Trump is still there, at least give me an opportunity to work from bench.

“Otherwise, what other options do I have, apart from coming here with you for chai sutta to scold our boss. Naukri se toh koi call aata nahin hai”, told disgruntled Karunakaran to his sutta circle of friends.