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BJP launches web browser for its members and supporters

01, Jan 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. BJP has come up with a New Year gift for its supporters – a web browser that helps a person visit only those websites and pages that are seemed “safe” and “sympathetic” to BJP and like leaning groups. The new browser is being called Saffron Surfer and comes with hordes of pre-installed add-ons and plugins that helps a web surfer steer clear of so-called left-liberal content online.

“The mainstream media is full of left leaning pseudo-intellectuals,” BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said at the launch event, “This browser will alert an unsuspecting visitor landing on such a websites or blogs through search-engines or hyperlinks.”

Faking News tested the browser and found it working on the expected lines. When we tried to visit the website of “The Hindu”, there was a flash-screen alert window before the page loaded – Warning! This website could harm your computer with Maoist Trojans.

The BJP Browser
The logo of the new browser launched by BJP

There were two options given – “Take me out of here” and “Proceed at your own risk”. The first option took us to the website of “The Daily Pioneer” while the second caused the tool bar to blink at regular intervals with “Your computer and intelligence is at risk!” message till we closed the window.

“It’s lovely!” said Ravi Rajendran, a BJP supporter who downloaded Saffron Surfer and was suggested “list of possible scams” as alternative search option when he tried to search for “UPA in 2011” on the default search engine at the homepage.

“But it’s also blocking all the porn sites,” Ravi pointed at one of the possible “bugs” or shortcomings of the latest browser to hit the market.

One of the advanced add-ons coming with the browser is “NoDiggy 2.0.1” that replaces the text “saffron” or “Hindu” with “absent” whenever it appears in conjunction with the term “terror” on webpages.

“Dharmik Desktop for All” is another add-on that automatically changes the desktop wallpaper to “approved” images of Hindu gods and goddesses once such an image loads fully while surfing the net.

“It’s in beta stage as of now,” informed the developer Kaushik during the launch event, “We hope to introduce advanced plugins that would analyze a person’s web footprints to identify leftists on social-networking sites so that users know what kind of person they are talking to.”

Saffron Surfer was downloaded 55,284 times within three hours of its official launch, which also saw volumes of Rediff comments going down substantially during the same duration.

When accessed through the BJP browser, Faking News was rated as “frivolous” by its own “Web of Trust” add-on, because of which we are giving it a 0.5 star on a scale of 5 stars.