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Boy plans to change his mobile operator after no call drops, says can’t handle so many calls from girlfriend

23, Jul 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Mani Murugan works as a senior developer in a reputed MNC based out of Bangalore. In spite of heavy work load to meet project delivery deadlines, he looks fresh most of the time.

As per his close friends, Mani is one of the most cheerful guys they have ever seen. While talking on the phone with his girlfriend or working on his laptop, one will never see any signs of stress on his face.

what's wrong with my network. Why is it showing 'full network' all the time?
What’s wrong with my phone. Why is it showing ‘full network’ all the time?

Mani usually maintained his composure like Dhoni throughout the day. One day his close friend, Nikhil could not believe when he saw 180 degree change in Mani’s behavior.

He looked more upset than Virat used to be while captaining RCB on a bad day.

Mani started by saying, “Usually I get twenty odd calls from my girlfriend every day unless it is Valentine’s Day or my Birthday. This was manageable due to the help I get from my mobile network operator, at least fifty percent of the time calls drop or are not audible. This helps me cut the conversation and get back to my work. In rarest of rare scenario when we cannot take each other’s call, we try to give a return call. Here also most of the time I hear a pleasant voice telling me about her phone being unreachable. In hindsight, all these were helpful for both of us as we are working professionals and we never wanted to compromise on our career goals.”

As per Mani, “There are days when we spoke to each other for five minutes nonstop without any disturbance in call quality and I used to check if my mobile was still in the network range of my service provider or if it has switched to another one by mistake. Due to poor signal strength inside office I used to rush to the nearby terrace or balcony to take the calls. Though not intended, this kind of running helps you to maintain your weight.”

When Mani was asked the reason for being upset he said, “Today is an unusual day. Not sure if suddenly our telecom regulator started tracking the call quality, not a single call has dropped since morning. I used three hours of my talk time; both of us have discussed about everything nonsense under the sun. Due to all these, I have not been able to write a single line of code. Only work I am doing is taking calls and then charging my mobile. If this continues, it will not be easy for me to get top appraisal rating after handling so many calls during working hours,” Mani replied.

When Mani was asked about the next step he is contemplating, he replied, “Checking different blogs online to know the worst mobile network operator in India. To save my career, I have to switch to one of them soon. Good news is, most of the mobile operator’s network quality is poor. I can choose the one where call rates are low. Will opt for mobile number portability as I do not want to share my new number with my girlfriend.”