Brain fade moment for a techie, starts solving null pointer exception issue without checking it on Google

27, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: It’s not only Steve Smith who has brain fade moments from time to time, most of us also have our brain fade moments in some situations. Like colleagues of techie Prakash Nimbalkar noticed other day, Prakash was trying to solve the null pointer exception problem he faced on his own without looking for help which is already available in Google.

“I have seen Prakash having these brain fade moments from time to time. Yesterday when I went to his desk to ask him to go for lunch, he was in deep thought. He was ‘trying’ to solve an issue for which so many solutions are already available in Google,” said Manjunath, office colleague of Prakash

Manjunath added, “When I shook him, he came on to his own. It’s not the first time he had this brain fade moment. Last month he wrote some code which none of the reviewers understood. At the end the code reviewers realized he has written some fresh code, not the ones they are habituated to review lifted from familiar websites. They complained to our manager telling, how a person like Prakash is wasting time by trying to be creative when there is no need, in the process also ‘spoiling’ their time.”

Prakash’s manger assigned a senior lead considered ‘veteran’ code lifter from google as his mentor to teach him all the tricks on searching & copying other’s code.

Itna agar soch ke kaam karega toh break kab lega. Never seen him going for chai-sutta break. No comments on social media when other team members put 10 comments for each line of code they copy. Am really worried about this guy called Prakash, complete misfit in my team”, said Prakash’s manager who has suggested him to join some scientific lab.