CBI inquiry against man who was seen active on LinkedIn even when he had no intention of changing jobs 

14, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

A Bengaluru based IT worker could be the first in the country to be questioned by CBI after he was found active on LinkedIn even though he had no plans on looking for a job change.


Ranjit Krishnan (named changed to protect identity) is a senior software developer working for an IT company for the last 5 years. Though Ranjit is happy with his current job and wishes to continue working there, his activity on networking site LinkedIn saw a spike in the last few weeks.

Sources say that this got the agency suspicious of his activity and they could call the software developer for questioning. Speaking on the issue, a senior CBI official said, “I don’t have to tell you how activity on LinkedIn is related to intention to change jobs. It is well known that most employees log on to the site and start updating their profile only when they are planning a shift. So we were obviously alarmed when we found out that Ranjit was happy with his current job.”

“This could be some harmless stalking or maybe he is just killing time. But we cannot take this lightly,” he added.

Few LinkedIn users that our reporter spoke to did agree that the only time they checked LinkedIn was for job hunt. But with the news of inquiry has got many users spooked.

The news got many questioning the right to privacy and raised concern over Govt snooping on its citizens.

Rahul Gandhi too questioned Modi Sarkar’s intention. “Kya desh ka aam nagrik shaanti se naukri bhi nahi dhoondh sakta. I don’t have a LinkedIn profile because I don’t have job. But that does not mean that I cannot understand the pain of those who do,” he said while speaking to media.