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After Chandrayaan-I, NASA finds Congress still orbiting India in a few states

12, Mar 2017 By RT

Houston. NASA’s interplanetary radar finds Congress party is still alive in India and orbiting a few states. Only recently, NASA found Chandrayaan-I, thought to be lost forever.


As a sequence of surprises, NASA now declared that the  radar has found Congress still orbiting the political arena in a few states. The political radar wing is finding the parties considered to be lost forever, completely from the planet, it was reported by NASA.

“Congress-Mukt bharat is not a reality yet. The party is still orbiting in a few states. Punjab and Goa, two colourful states are going to be Congress governments. Our radar did not believe what it saw in the states when glimpse of Congress was first seen and later the presence loomed large to clearly indicate that the party is not out of the planet yet. We will continue to report any such findings in the coming days,” the statement from NASA read.

“When Chandrayaan-I was considered to be lost forever, a lot of people were worried for sometime and they forgot about it completely. On the other hand, when Congress was considered to be lost, only one family was worried and continues to worry even now. This finding will be a relief for Congress. Political foes or not, we congratulate on this development,” a BJP spokesperson told Faking News.

“We did not believe that we exist anymore. When News channels reported our presence in a few states, we didn’t believe it. Now, with NASA’S finding of the lost party, we now believe we are still orbiting around,” a Congress spokesman told Faking News.