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A company develops ‘Aadhaar enabled chip’ which will say who are around you in Delhi smog

12, Nov 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Gurgaon based semiconductor firm Toxic Technologies India Private Limited has developed a new chip which can inform a person who are around you. This chip has been developed to help people in Delhi and NCR region where it is becoming extremely difficult to know who is standing just 30 centimeters from you.


While giving us some details on the new chip, Mr. Vinod Ahuja, CEO of Toxic technologies said, “One can fit our customized kit on top of a cap, on your shirt button or on top a wrist band. Our customized software kit contains a chip, sensor and a small speaker. Sensor will sense who are around you in 2-meter radius. Chip basically contains everyone’s Aadhaar card details, so if your wife is near you, it will announce through the tiny speaker her name as present in Aadhaar data base”.

Mr. Ahuja shared some details on another advanced product they are going to launch soon. “Looking at the pollution level here, we feel after few days people won’t be able to see even their own hands, legs and feet. So, we will suggest people to wear multiple devices on various parts of their body. There would be a ‘master’ speaker which would say that’s your hand, that’s your leg etc.”, Mr. Ahuja said.

We spoke to Mr. Manoj Agarwal, who was standing in front of a shop in Gurgaon selling Toxic’s products. He said, “I am going to buy a dozen of them. How long inside our own home we would stretch our hands while moving around, touch each other’s face to know who is next to you?”

“Yesterday when asked my son to study, he says he cannot as font size in books are too small. Idhar school bandh hai, pura din mobile mein games khel raha tha. Got angry, wanted to give him a slap, it hit my brother in law as I could not see who was in front of me. My wife suspect, I have done it deliberately taking advantage of the situation”, said Mr. Agarwal on the hapless situation most people in capital region find themselves.