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To compete with Samsung's foldable smartphone, Apple to release a phone that can do Yoga

25, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

Not to be outdone by Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone, Apple has announced that the next generation of iPhone will go beyond being just foldable.

tim cook 2019

The much anticipated Apple event which was hosted by at the Apple CEO, gave a glimpse of what the next range of iPhones would look like. Contrary to media reports that Apple’s streaming service would be the highlight of the event, Tim Cook categorically stated that the iPhone was and will be their focus.

“Apple has always believed in stretching the boundaries of technology. That is why our next offering is a smartphone that is more than just foldable. It will be fully capable of performing Yoga postures,” the Apple CEO said to assembled audience at the Steve Jobs Theater today.

Last year the company revealed that the next generation of iPhones will have Siri physically coming out of the phone and doing household chores. However it appears that Apple has given priority to the folding technology.

Insider say that the iPhone Y, where Y stands for Yoga, was conceptualized in a record time of 15 days after Samsung announced its foldable phone.

“The smartphone war between the two tech companies is getting intense. But clearly, Apple has an edge with the Yoga phone. Why would anyone buy a plain foldable phone when they can spend an extra kidney and get a phone that can do Yoga,” said a tech expert.

Markets reacted sharply and shares of Samsung saw a sharp decline. There is a strong possibility that Samsung could lose some of its market share back home in India too.

In India, Apple is planning for a soft launch of the iPhone Y alongside the global launch. Unconfirmed reports say that Baba Ramdev could be roped in as the brand ambassador.