Concerned over less crowd outside stores for iPhone 8 launch in Sydney, Apple to hold India launch at Dadar station

22, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

As reports of ‘bleak turnout’ at iPhone 8 launch in Australia made rounds, Apple today announced that the India launch of the smartphone will take place at Dadar station in a bid to salvage the image if the iconic brand.

It wasn’t just Sydney, other locations in Asia too saw tepid response to the launch which usually has buyers queuing outside Apple stores to buy the phone. Sources say that top bosses of the company including several top investors were concerned over ‘disappearing crowds’.

“We were shocked to see handful of people during the Sydney launch. Our shares fell on the NASDAQ and even the media mocked us. Now they are doubting our ability to get people to buy something they really don’t need. That is when it was decided that things have to change for our launch, which will happen in India,” said an Apple spokesperson.

The idea was suggested by Tim Cook himself who was in Mumbai last year and had visited Siddhivinayak temple and Dadar station among other locations. “When we were looking for ideas to drive crowds outside our store, Tim decided to turn it around and suggested that we open stores at location that are already very crowded,” said one Product Manager at the Company.

No sooner the spokesperson made the announcement about launch at Dadar station, Apple shares zoomed up in early trading. And if sources are to be believed Apple is not stopping at that if the experiment turns out to be a success.

This idea could just be replicated at different location across the globe. Company officials are also thinking of taking some this crowd elsewhere just in case.