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Creationists propose "Intelligent Recall" theory to explain extinction of species

20, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. Creationists have succeeded in unraveling yet another mystery that has kept the scientists and atheists perplexed for ages. After convincingly arguing that dinosaurs existed alongside human beings and were taken aboard Noah’s ark, creationists have come up with a theory –Intelligent Recall – that once and for all settles the debate over dinosaur extinction, unlike the scientists who keep coming up with a new theory every day.

“From time to time God reviews his creations (products), and he may decide to recall some of them after the review, which causes that particular creation (species) to go extinct. It’s tough, but it’s God’s will.” declared leading creationist Rich Hawkins, hoping that the theory will put an end to all kinds of speculations going on over dinosaur extinction.

A dinosaur running for his or her life
Scientists believe that a meteor killed all the dinosaurs, an idea that has failed to impress many

Hawkins further revealed that God had decided to recall the dinosaurs after rescuing them from the global flood. Hawkins didn’t specify the factors that God considered before recalling any species, proclaiming it to be beyond the capacity of human intelligence.

“Still, if the scientists want, they can speculate the factors, but they should first accept that it was an Intelligent Recall that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.” Hawkins said, claiming that creationism and science were perfectly compatible.

Intelligent Recall theory is expected to impart a new zeal to the creationists, especially the Young Earth Creationists, who recently had to face criticism even from the Church of England. But the skeptics and atheists have already rejected the theory.

“This a half baked idea and it doesn’t explain anything. Unless they can come up with a mathematical, preferably stochastic, formula that explains and predicts the recall of a creation, this will remain just another hypothesis.” said an unknown atheist wondering if dinosaurs had started ‘malfunctioning’ before the decision to recall them was made.

Back home, the theory has failed to excite anyone, but some activists wearing Save Our Tigers T-shirts have expressed concern over the new theory, which they fear could be misinterpreted by human beings and would adversely hit the tiger conservation efforts.

“What if people start believing that God has made the Intelligent Recall decision for the tigers as well? Our whole campaign will go waste.” said a tiger activist, who is blogging profusely to save our tigers.