Dalgona coffee to be used to kill germs present inside hand sanitizer bottles

02, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Remember Turmeric Latte? When Haldi Doodh got that fancy name in the West? Well, the West has just discovered Dalgona Coffee and is going crazy over their latest obsession. Coffee lovers in India would find it similar to our Phenti Coffee.


Or Beaten Coffee, if you need an English name for the desi delicacy. But the Coffee has found many haters too and the makers of Dalgona Coffee are trolled on the internet. Even the government took a big decision today to use Dalgona Coffee to kill the germs inside some of the hand sanitizer bottles.

All hand sanitizer bottles also have some germs in them and it’s important to kill those germs before using the bottle. Many people who have used Dagona Coffee know that the germs would not be able to stand the taste of Dalgona Coffee and hence they are welcoming the decision taken by the government authorities.