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IT department conducts raids on people pre-booking iPhone 8; all of them arrested

15, Sep 2017 By Akash Vadera

Tim Cook unveiled the new iPhone8, iPhone8 plus and iPhone 10 at the Apple Event held at Steve Jobs Theater on Tuesday. While iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus have been priced at Rs. 64,000 and Rs. 73,000 respectively, iPhone 10 has been priced at Rs 89,000 (64 GB) and Rs 1,00,000 (256 GB).

While the new phones may seem a technological marvel for Apple fans, it didn’t turn out well for all of them. The IT department conducted raids on all the people that pre-booked the new phones and in an interesting turn of events all of them were arrested for holding black money.

We interviewed Mr. Suresh Jain, the head officer who conducted the raids and here’s what he had to say. “We had signed a deal with all major e-commerce portals way before the release of the new iPhones. We told them to provide us with the details of all the people who pre-book the new iPhones on the first day itself. Now, if you regularly pay your taxes, do you think you would be able to afford a phone costing one lac? Most of the people in India live on EMIs. You dissect an Indian and you would find more EMIs than blood cells. So if someone is willing to pay an exorbitant price of one lac for a phone so over-rated that it puts Bhuvan Bam to shame, it is bound to arise suspicion right?”

He further continued and said, “So just like we planned we got the details, name – phone number – address, of all the people who pre-booked any one of the new iPhones and we conducted raids on all of them. And to our surprise our raid was 100% successful. All these people had sources of black money stashed in their homes and offices. This was my debut raid as I joined this office just a month ago and I must say, my debut was even bigger than that of Hrithik Roshan.”

At this point he noticed our editor getting down from his Audi, in his Armani suit with an iPhone 7 plus in his hand. So we had to end the interview to prevent another raid.