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Depressed IT engineer’s blood group changes from B+ to O-

28, Aug 2014 By Aditya Rane

Bangalore.  Mr. Sadanand Udaasi (name changed to protect identity) got the shock of his life after his recent blood tests revealed that his blood group had changed from B+ to O- .

“This is impossible. Just 2 years back it was B+ and now its O- . I don’t understand this. I cannot take it anymore,” exclaimed Mr. Udaasi as he frantically showed his old blood reports to our correspondent. Mr. Udaasi’s case has become a matter of great interest to the medical community around the globe. Scientists believe that this could well be the beginning of a new chronic occupational hazard.

Sadanand Udaasi’s pose 90% of the times

Dr. Screwwala, renowned Indian psychiatrist, was the first to meet Mr. Udaasi after this tragic incident and has come up with a possible explanation for this phenomenon. He states that the cause actually lies in the mind rather than in the body.

“To understand the cause you need to understand Malcom Gladwell’s 10000 hours rule. Gladwell states that if you do a particular activity for 10000 hours you become master at it. Similarly if you hear or say something 10000 times then it becomes true. Since childhood Mr. Udaasi has been hearing the words ‘be positive’ and hence his blood group was B+ during childhood and college days. But after he started working with Nonsite Infotech, he was denied onsite opportunities and pay hikes almost every day. This forced him to continuously say the words ‘Oh no’ either loudly or in his mind. As soon as the count exceeded 10000, his blood group changed to O-,” explained Dr. Screwwala in an exclusive chat with Faking news.

When contacted by Faking News, Nonsite Infotech CEO said that the company has already devised a remediation action plan. All employees would have to say their blood groups loudly at all the swiping machines, coffee machines, restrooms and while logging in to workstations. This way the 10000 hours rule can be used to prevent such cases in future.

Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh has blamed the RSS for this incident and said that it is another desperate attempt to malign the good work done by his party in the field of IT.