While digging under an IT company, Archaeological Survey of India found traces of Internet Explorer which was used some 100 years back

13, Dec 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Bengaluru: IE, we’ll always remember the good times, like the familiar reminder that “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.” I’d also like to thank you for always telling us you were “sorry for the inconvenience” because is it really your fault you had to shut down a program after you encountered a problem? Maybe we’re to blame. IE was used some 20-30 years back. But in a latest finding from the Archaeological Survey of India team in Bengaluru, traces of the software were found which were used some 100 years back.


IE has been completely taken over in the market by Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla, but the users of IE believe that due to the slow connectivity of IE, they were able to spend a lot of time with their parents and family which is always good. The other advantage of IE is that, even your manager would increase the deadline if he comes to know that you would be finishing a project on the slow IE software.

ASI which was called after some important things were seen at a demolition site in Bengaluru found some traces of IE CD and logo. First they were surprised as the traces were some 100 years old, but after research and investigation in the forensic lab it was found that it was indeed of Internet explorer which was used way back before even computer was invented.