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Dinosaur extinction directly related to Maggi, scientists suggest

05, Jun 2015 By johnrj

Bangalore. After allegations were brought to light when it was revealed that Maggi had high content of lead in it, scientists have made a startling discovery about the extinction of dinosaurs and their relationship with Maggi.

“We had found so much lead inside their bodies, they must have eaten hundreds of Maggi like substances,” said a paleontologist, “2 minutes of Maggi unfortunately wiped them out even after surviving for 200 million years.”

Scientists have found that the theorized meteor which had hit earth to cause the dinosaurs to die out was a lie started by Nestle to hide the real face of Maggi. Scientists are showing more proofs by forwarding Whatsapp and Facebook forwards which keep stating the same.

Scientists insist Dinosaur had Maggi before.
Scientists insist Dinosaur had Maggi as starter.

“One fine day I got around 13 Whatsapp forwards about it, so you know its true,” said a student working on fossils, “I think perhaps even Coca Cola and Kurkure might also be involved in their extinction.”

Photos reveal that even in the Jurassic Park movie actors were seen drinking Coca Cola which might have triggered the dinosaurs to attack them in the first place.

“We are checking out the movies to see if there is any reference to Maggi present,” said another scientist, “I think even the Hollywood people are involved in this conspiracy.”

People who were brought up from the 90’s were severely disappointed with the news about Maggi.

“I was shocked to hear that the only item I can cook properly has lead and it is good that it is banned but dinosaurs?” said a shocked IT engineer, “Dinosaurs should have been safeguarded from all dangers.”

Many scientists have gathered to discuss about these findings and were found frantically smoking and drinking while discussing how bad the health is getting affected by the food. Many have suggested that ISIS should be bombed with Maggi packets to destroy them internally.

More startling discoveries have been found and investigation is going on on how Maggi has destroyed the early Roman Empire, killed JFK and prevented aliens from visiting Earth.