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Don't talk to human beings, alien scientist warns his clan

27, Apr 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Outer Space. A leading alien scientist in a galaxy hundreds of light-years away from the earth has warned his clan to keep away from the human beings. Mangal Srinivas, one of the most celebrated scientists among the aliens (from our point of view), has warned his fellow species that human beings were growing frustrated with their own life and habitat with each passing day, and might try to intrude into alien’s lives and spaces very soon.

“Those ugly bipeds have screwed almost all the resources that nature gave them and are now increasingly insecure and clueless about future of their race. They are parasites by nature and could soon be eying resources rightfully belonging to us.” opined Mangal, which was brainwaved to his fellow species within matters of nano-seconds.

Mangal Srinivas publishing his article with his hand movement

Although such beliefs and warnings about the human beings have been common among all the aliens, this is the first instance when a highly celebrated and respected alien scientist has endorsed the belief. Alien historians too have backed the scientist’s views.

“Human beings have always prided themselves on parasitical activities and have termed it as growth of civilization. Be it employment of serfs to build their great monuments or plundering of others’ resources in the name of industrial revolution. It’s not surprising that they’d try to do the same to us and our resources. We must be wary of these parasites.” a leading alien historian echoed the thoughts of Mangal Srinivas.

Other aliens too have expressed concerns over ‘irritating little things’ being done by human beings in the recent times.

“They send small spaceships to their little neighborhood and feel victorious. They even try to find out and discuss if there could be water or life elsewhere. These things have been part of our sit-coms for years now, but now they don’t amuse.” said an alien in the Media and Entertainment industry, who has produced many human beings based comedy movies like Earth Girls Are Easy.

While the latest warning by Mangal has been largely welcome by the aliens, the governing aliens have ruled out attacking earth and nipping the problem in bud.

“We might not need to do that; these guys might just blow up themselves.” said an alien government official, but added that the government has issued a travel advisory to the earth-bound aliens in wake of the latest comments by Mangal Srinivas.