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Due to Instagram crash IT company delivers project three days in advance

06, Jun 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: It’s not only the android phone users, Instagram crash has affected many.  One Project team of IT company Teenlakhia consultancy services (TCS) has delivered the beta release three days ahead of the scheduled delivery date.

“No one is happy. The client-side project manager called me today to show their displeasure. They are asking me why we delivered the project ahead of time, he does not have a team to test it”, said Pradeep Kombettu, project manager of TCS.

Pradeep added, “We have to take the blame. My team is known for doing the work in sixty days that can be done in ten days. Even when we gave the delivery date as March end, customer will have its team ready to test our software package by May end only. After yesterday’s mishap went through the check-in list. My guess was correct, the active users of Instagram who have spent hours ogling at Alia Bhat, Katrina Kaif posts have spent their time doing project work during Instagram downtime”.

“During code reviews I have made it a mandatory checklist for reviewers to verify for a single line of code, there has to be at least ten lines of social media messages. Assuming that I prepare the project plan and bill customers. If we deliver like this ahead of time, the company would lose business and ultimately it would affect us all”, said Pradeep who has been asked to apologize to client and take steps to avoid this in future.

Pradeep has added ‘social media down time’ under risk item and is working on a mitigation plan to keep the team engaged somewhere else till social media services are restored back.

One of the project member Suhas who has checked in maximum lines of code said, “If they would have given proper hike, not the two percent I got, could have switched to an iPhone. If they expect us to use cheap android phone, let them be ready for such disasters. I cannot help”.