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IT engineer goes to office as per company wish, but comes back as per his manager wish

08, Oct 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Bengaluru: IT engineer Prakash Hegde like most of his colleagues in IT city has ‘flexible’ working hours. The flexibility has a strong correlation with his manager’s wish what time he should leave for the day including holidays and weekends.

“I do not know how many of my colleagues have gone through the HR policy which clearly stated working hour is from 9 AM to 5:30 PM. Little I knew this will another HR policy like many other HR policies will not be followed neither in letter or spirit in the organization”, said Prakash whose day’s typically starts around 9 AM and ends somewhere close to midnight.


Prakash added, “Like every advertisement has a *Conditions apply. Our HR policy also stated sometimes to meet stringent delivery dates customers will want us to meet, employees would be asked to stretch beyond their ‘normal’ working hours. These ‘sometimes’ has now stretched little more than two years for me”.

“IT’s not that every single day customer demands deliverables. My manager who has the uncanny ability of remembering what needs to be done just before end of day. Another good quality he has, he will not force me or my other team members to deliver before end of day which means before next day sunrise happens. He will just say, ‘Guys let’s see what best we can do tonight’ before he leaves for the day”.

“Initially I left early and it showed in my appraisal grades. Then I understood ‘try your best’ means deliver at any cost. Otherwise be ready to be in the firing line”, said Prakash.

Prakash has some kind words for his manager. He said, “My manager is not that bad. He understands in weekends and public holidays he cannot force us to stay that longer. His ‘humane’ side comes in to picture and encourages us to live our live to the fullest when we do not work. I am writing a book, have titled it ‘working from bus & working for boss’ which is a tribute to the  traffic and my manager which dictated the kind of life style I have got in this IT city”.