Engineer invents bicycle that runs on Petrol

21, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

US oil prices turned negative for the first time on record on Monday after oil producers ran out of space to store the oversupply of crude left by the coronavirus crisis.


As soon as Shwetank Srivastava, a fourth year engineering student came to know that he will get money in return of purchasing petrol, he soon invented a bicycle that runs on Petrol.

Shwetank had an old cycle which he used for his travel to college, but now that bicycle will become a source of earning for him. He will even try to go to college everyday which was not the case sometime back as he used to bunk most of the lectures.

He even called his parents and told them to not send any pocket money from now onwards. He has also vowed to pay his college fees himself from the money he earns after filling petrol in his bicycle. Shwetank has been contacted by the HRD ministry to let him convey his requirements in case he wants to start mass production of the cycles which will help other poor students in getting money in return for filling up petrol in their cycles.